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Behavior Analyst. Creative. Innovator.

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Serial entrepreneur.  Perspicacious creative synthesizer.  Intellectual decorator crab.  Avid observationalist.  Charismatic, dynamic, and compassionate thought leader - and fan of the Oxford comma. 


Amanda (“Mandy”) Ralston has been certified as a behavior analyst since 2002, first as a BCaBA, and then as a BCBA. During her career she has founded two companies that provided applied behavior analysis services to hundreds of families, schools, and individuals with autism or other developmental or intellectual disabilities.  She has ushered dozens of aspirational behavior analysts into the field as a mycorrhizal influencer, in pursuit of greater impact of change for constituents. 


Mandy has served as a Subject Matter Expert to a number of international workgroups and panels related to Behavior Analysis, Ethics, and Practice. And is happy to engage in copious amounts of verbal behavior about verbal behavior, and all resulting relational frames. #autoclitics


She continues to mad-happily create unique solutions by synthesizing her own history of reinforcement and punishment with evidence-based practices, Clinical and Business Intelligence, and Technology in an effort to further support clinicians, funders, businesses, and founders in changing the world for QoL, Outcomes, neuro/diversity, equity, and inclusion.


An early proselytizer of Verbal Behavior, Ralston uses her considerable imitation repertoire and joint control to engage in behavior resulting in a wide variety of  reinforcement.*. Her behavior continues to be shaped by its impact on a world where autism exists, and the field of behavior analysis.


* Ask me if you need a translation.  I'm here to help.

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"Life shrinks or expands in proproprtion to one's courage."

Anais Nin



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